Victory to the Beloved!

Posted on January 15, 2010


…may our world be full of life and love. may there be no more destruction and no more pain. may all beings be truly connected to respect and love one another, and to celebrate our mother. to celebrate beauty and magic. may our experience on earth be a bouquet of flowers. i dream that you smile friend. i dream that beautiful strings of light connect you and me and all of us. that animals and plants, and mountains and rivers can share with us their thoughts and their wisdom. i dream that all that is there to do is celebrate the victory of love and life. i dream that we fly and that we swim and that we run with our feet kissing the earth. i dream laughter and i dream music. i dream healing away from fear and hate and ignorance. i dream tears of joy. tears of prayer and tears that honor those who have passed before.  candles, flowers, songs, tapestry, fabric, jewelry, paintings, poems, ceremonies, gardens, constructing a different dream of beauty and harmony.

Om Sara Siddhi Hring Hring Soha!

Breathing in, I am aspire to receive the Beloved completely

…surrendering to Her ways & not mines, to Her perfect timings & not simply my selfish preferences and conveniences, to seeing all my mis-perceptions of Her perfections…

Breathing out, I feel Her graceful, joyous Victory!

Give Her the Victory again and again and again and again…

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