The Mother of Learning

Posted on January 23, 2010


Had a memory of watching Granito de Arena about the public teachers’ strikes and resistance to globalization in Mexico.  Remembering this one moment when a local technical university was being shut down/endangered and one of the students who attended this school spoke so clearly about how this place was like a Mother to the kids of the area, since it nurtured their potentials to be contributing members of their society.

Been thinking about teaching, “curriculum”, what we teach about,

culture as curriculum, standardized curriculum, teaching and curriculum as culture being sacred, schools and any place of great learning as manifestations of the Great Mother, Maha Devi Saraswati…

The energy of Sarasvati flows through all things cultural.

Sarasvati astride her swan beckons human beings to continued cultural creation and civilized perfection!


Namaste Universe…



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