Technology, Tweets & Teachings

Posted on March 15, 2010


I can be stubborn and slow to change.  For instance, becoming technologically connected.  I never had a pager (back in the days) and it took a while before I got a cell phone.   Then, when I got one, I tried hard not to get use to it.  Old habits replaced by new habits.

Eventually, I became more and more wedded to my cellie, even to the point where I did not use landlines anymore.  These days, I have shifted my technology tendencies to texting.

And blogging.  I skipped the Myspace revolution, though I did dabble on Blogger for awhile.  Then, I tried (back then it was called and finally, I’ve settled (for the moment?) here on WordPress.  More recently, I’ve extended my forays into tweeting, which has been fun actually.  I’m a bit pensive about Facebook though because, as I’ve been told, it will be reunion X 10 with all kindsa friends near and far and I just don’t think I can sustain a communication pace like that — so I’ve decided to not engage altogether.

(However, the Facebook cause to get Thich Nhat Hanh nominated, on a grassroots level for the Nobel Peace Prize…sounds like an opportunity to support!)

All this blabbering that I’m jotting down here.

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Technology, Tweets and Dharma Teachings!

And even HH the Dalai Lama’s got a Twitter account!  Follow Him!

Thanks to H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche for gettin’ in my way, and sharin’, bloggin’ and tweetin’ from afar, tossin’ texts and tweets and blog posts in the infinite ocean of cyberspace, so that those of us from across the shores may have a chance to glance at the ripples made, and wonder and learn a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more about the Other Shore.

How fortunate,

to have a chance

to read and hear

the Dharma

all the way in


The Dharma is deep and lovely,

we now have a chance to see, study and

to practice it.  We vow to realize its true meaning.

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