Teacher & Student: Great Care and Concern

Posted on March 20, 2010


candles.jpg image by Birdoflight

I worry about all my students tremendously. Even some students I do not see anymore, I still do pujas for them, light candles, offer prayers and remember them. I pray their minds and heart will open and realize time is short and come home and do dharma with us… i really wish that for them. I cannot forget anyone. Good and bad passes, but my love for them will not. My care for them will never pass away. How can I forget anyone who has had a spiritual connection with me?? No matter how much time has passed. What we did in the dharma is incredibly important and so it cannot be forgotten. They cannot be forgotten ever. Their minds have to transform from the realization of impermanence and their actions become dharma from their realizations, and that is the most important. I will always pray for my students not out of duty, but care and concern.

~Tsem Tulku


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