Needing a break, break the tension

Posted on March 26, 2010


Either I’m reallllly in need of this spring break comin’ up…

(Thank Goodness It’s Friday!)


the tensions, incongruencies and just “don’t make sense” no mo’ feeling

about what’s goin’ down at work has really gotten to me and my awareness…

and maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe I don’t need this break…

Maybe feeling out the denseness of the tension

and allow it all to surface and reveal it’s true colors

is in fact what is necessary — to allow the entire “catastrophe”

of the situation, condition to be known.

What am I writing about specifically???

A long week, a long month at work…

or my own secret, written missives to myself

that I only want to surface as words on paper

without actually confronting fo’ real.  Which is it?

Which is it?

Which is it?

What is the cause of the tension?

Do I even want to know?

Will I use my break upcoming to delve deeper

into the “discontent arising” or will I use it

to escape and superficially release the tension…

only to have it sink below the surface, for the time being?

Am I angry at anyone specifically?

To what or whom is this tension in fact directed?

Do I need it to be directed at someone?  Something?

Am I looking for the enemy without?

I welcome this spring break upcoming…

I welcome it as my day comes to a close tonight…

and one final day at work commences tomorrow…

one out of countless…

yet for some reason,

out of my inner tension or

the outer tensions that I am allowing

myself to see more clearly…

I invite my mindfulness to stay

with this moment and Be with the

understanding that will arise from this experience.

May all be good…

May all be well…

May all be protected…

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