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BuddhaEye: Don’t Take Anything Personally

January 7, 2009


I’ve been casually pulling a card each day from the Don Miguel Ruiz “Four Agreements” deck given to me by a dear friend of a friend upon their visit to the house one day. I finally opened the deck after several months and was nicely surprised by how the Four Agreements are expanded upon through […]

My mother has always been my teacher – ii

August 5, 2008


My mother has always been my teacher… during this summer of love i came to this realization supportive conditions helping me realize as well as feel that my mother has been a teacher all along all along this way, this growing up, this being her son role getting me to grow and heal and move […]

Chainsaw, trees and mulch

July 20, 2008


Peace Ones, Woke up this morning and visited front yard plants and said a prayer and kind words to tell them that today, I would be borrowing chainsaw and doin’ some cuttin’ out… A pine tree right close to the house wasn’t doing so well… Two overgrown jade plants (my bad) were right up against […]

Fishies in the tank (buddha:eye)

July 19, 2008


Peace One, Friend called today to help with tree clearing tomorrow. Never worked with chainsaw before and I think he has, so it’ll be all good. Dear Trees, sorry for having to cut you down. I will do a lil’ something tomorrow beforehand, before renting the chainsaw 😦 , to say my thanks for your […]