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Rejoice for Mama Jenny!

September 19, 2009


Mama Jenny Inspires! I met Mama Jenny during a visit to Kechara House this summer.  I had read about her aspiration for ordination from one of the postings on the Kechara House website earlier in the year.  When I got to Kechara House this summer, I was hoping she’d be one of the persons I’d […]

The Fruit of One’s Refuge

May 23, 2009


I celebrate the ripening of your praktis friend the inner flowers blossoming the fragrance of freedom and clarity the flame of inner awareness and outer action loving kindness and skillfulness circulating deep within your diamantine, indestructible, eternal self in breath and out breath… soul self determination realizations and activations in… out… refuge and praktis love […]

On Mind + Karma

May 17, 2009


From a conversation with a friend Karma is infallible. From A pure consciousness is not in the child, the child is fragile or even dangerous in actions, a pure consciousness is in the individual who thinks and weighs the consequences of the action so the child may follow. From “The Four Thoughts That Turn […]

What is a Shaman ~ Babaylan?

May 15, 2009


Image: (by Jonathan Cena) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – WHAT IS A SHAMAN? by Mary Schmidt A shaman/babaylan is: — spiritual and cognitive epistemological mediator. shamans-to-be encounter raw glimpses of something numinous and demanding, some threat or promise in their own landscape of […]

Update: South+East Asia Planning

May 12, 2009


Gentle Birth Journey South+East Suroeste Asia Calm Ocean of the Heart 32nd Sun Dharma Gateway Summer Solstice 2009 – August 2009 Arriving, arriving…homecoming… Thank you Dear Friends …for watering the wholesome seeds within me that are allowing for this gateway journey to open. Picture above: Manjushri’s Cave in Kathmandu, Nepal Santi, I realized, again, this […]

Walking On My Path…

March 15, 2009


DHARMA MASTER’S WORDS ON WALKING YOUR PATH Hikers know that there are no passable roads in a virgin forest. However, a road will open up when you pull away the grass, thorns and wisteria. Swimmers know that there are no paths in the water, but as you swim you will create a pathway. Cultivation is […]

Affinities & Blessings

March 14, 2009


What is a Blessing? When an event, a situation, a friend, a “cause” reconnects you to something you use to do in a prior lifetime, something that was good that you can begin again, in this lifetime, to continue and cultivate that part of yourself that you opened up in a former life… The manner […]