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On the Practice of “Begging”

November 22, 2009


On the Practice of “Begging” by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche Selected Quotes from Dharma Talk So what’s very important now is to build something here so that the Buddhadharma will have a physical strong stable tangible structure for Buddhism to grow. My life’s aim is to bring Buddhism to those who are ready, those who are […]

Offer ~ Dharma Work

September 19, 2009


Dharma work as dharma praktis. Working mindfully, working joyfully for the sake of all beings… Meeting the teachings of H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche online and having the fortune to visit Kechara House this summer, I got the chance to catch  a glimpse of  “dharma at work” through the many means of  service that Kechara House […]

Generosity, Dharma, Fearlessness

January 19, 2009


The three forms of generosity as taught by the Awakened One 1)  Sharing of material goods and wealth is the first level of generosity. 2)  Sharing of the Dharma, its praktis and teachings to others. 3)  Highest form of generosity: the gift of fearlessness.  Offering one’s non-fear, committing to crossing over to the other shore! […]

Altar Praktis – Activation

January 3, 2009


Small activation ceremony this morning for altar dedicated to Helpful Friends and Universal Support. Created a mudra and chanted Om Rahuaye Namaha a handful of times as part of the activation ceremony. Thanks to auspiciousheart for the Ganesha Yantra, a gift from a whiles back! It is on the offering plate of the altar. And […]