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Praktis ~ Bronze Bell Qi Gong

April 30, 2009


After last weekend’s “retreat” with Le Tian Da Shi and other teachers, beginning to feel an inclination to continue with some of the praktises learned. Incorporating them with what I might already feel comfortable with and setting the intention for opening and closing the praktis session. Staying in the present moment… Breathing to Be as […]

Praktis ~ Tian Gong & Ancient Mayan Culture

April 24, 2009


Le Tian Da Shi and other teachers from Tian Gong visiting the World Beat Center and offering teachings and empowerments. I visited last Tuesday’s lecture on the Ancient View of the Soul and tonight, a lecture on the Ancient Mayan Culture from a 3rd Eye, Celestial Vision point of view. Intense, interesting and intriguing. I […]

“Answers from the Heart” by Thich Nhat Hanh

March 22, 2009


Thay’s latest book is here! A book featuring Thay’s answers from students about “life’s burning questions.” A dear Friend shared with me that the book has been released and I was very touched by the book’s title, Answers from the Heart. Thay’s heart energy, his loving teachings and skillful ways — soft and gentle dharma […]

Fifth Chakra Healing

March 9, 2009


Revisiting last week’s class on THE FOUR GREAT TRUTHS and the truth that was revealed about me and my fifth chakra healing. So, am wandering around the web to look for more good things to read and clarify, inform and inspire my understanding of the fifth chakra. And a couple of nights ago, I had […]