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Visshuddha Chakra ~ A Praktis

March 14, 2009


On Opening, Liberating and Nurturing Visshuddha Chakra “…as loud as you can, as free as you can, opening as much your throat and all the path of the air through the strength of your diaphragm, from your lungs through your throat, through your mouth and your lips- all wide open, like a gateway for you […]

South+East Mexico

March 10, 2009


Been working on finding a ticket to travel down here to the “south+east” mexico to visit a friend… and the ticket findings been its own lil’ journey of sorts i was suppose to give the airline a call today by 6pm but somehow, with after school meetin’s and going to get groceries (which i usually […]

Praktis ~ Rejoicing

February 8, 2009


Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Rejoice in the paths that have made themselves known to us.  The path which has called us to cross over to the other shore.   Receiving praktis…receiving the path that has risen up to meet us.  I like this song here, from the Plum Village tradition — especially the first two lines.  “Whatever illumines […]

Transformation…Here, Now

January 31, 2009


In conversation with Friends, KALYANAMITRAS …moving through the gateways and deep moments of transformation All of us on our soul path journeys hearing the call of the gateway which we are walking towards… Transformations Here Now This conditions arising to experience the healing we took birth for… the healing of embracing one’s spiritual identity the […]

Back in the Day – 2005

January 5, 2009


Thank you, Ate Niki… May you be safe… May you be healthy… May you be happy… May you be at ease… The Hand of Enlightening Buddha. A brother of Peace. Jnaseh has strengthening faith of Buddha and freedom of Dove of Peace. . . . On remembering paths taken and friends along the path Kalyanamitras […]