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Opening the Babaylanic Gateways in the United States

May 24, 2009


BABAYLAN CONFERENCE 2010 April 17-18, 2010 Sonoma State University, California (See the buddharupa by the stairs? Happiness!) 🙂 Visit the Center for Babaylan Studies ( for more information about upcoming Spring 2010 gathering at Sonoma State University sponsored by the Center for Babaylan Studies “We go down deeper into our rootedness, before there were religions, […]


March 15, 2009


Babaylan – name given to the healers and shamans, wisdom culture keepers of the Philippines. Several years ago, I found a link online for a program called BEAM, Babaylan Emerging Apprenticeship & Mentoring.  When I visited the Philippines in 2000, I ran across a group from Bahay Nakpil in Quaipo, and happened upon a copy […]

GATEWAY: Vortex of Soul Self Determination

March 15, 2009


INSPIRATION FROM AUSPICIOUS PATH UPON SEEING A MEADOW ON FIYAHHH SOMEWHERE IN ILLINOIS. 🙂 Dharma Friends & Dear Kalyanamitras, What does the Gateway to your Transformation look like? What do you see when you open your Heart and enter into your Truth? What has the Friendly Universe of your inner and outer self been sending […]

Breathing in, I distract myself…

February 10, 2009


Rainy day here… Getting some work done… Also, distractin’ myself, too. Some thoughts that are zooming by and catching me: 1) Initiate process for Metta inking with Dream Jungle Studio and Aleks. 2) Scheduled my taxes and a trip up north plus, a visit to Kali Mandir temple! 3) Santi ~ Shanti… 4) Going to […]

Astrologie Journey (10th House)

January 25, 2009


What a journey it has been And the end is not in sight But the stars are out tonight And they’re bound to lead my way ~Lea Salonga Why am I quoting Lea Salonga of all people? !  Ha!   Don’t really consider myself a  Philippine pop music follower, but Lea’ s all good, especially during […]

FlippyKnows: Inspiration

January 20, 2009

0 Inspired space in the Philippines sharing new media technologies with folks in a community-grassroots-justUS environment! WOW! How inspiring! It makes me think of 826 literacy programs and Visual Communications in LA, Writerz Block here in Southeast SD, Cuachambiente film screenings — from that new media point of view. They host blogging workshops, digital photography, […]