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mmxii: the mark of metta

November 28, 2009


been considering a way to remember the gateway-entering-moment to mark my hands with a design me            ta a design to help me remember . . . attended a poc vipasssana retreat a couple of years back at spirit rock and felt really drawn to the metta loving kindess praktis i wonder how metta is written […]

Breathing in, I distract myself…

February 10, 2009


Rainy day here… Getting some work done… Also, distractin’ myself, too. Some thoughts that are zooming by and catching me: 1) Initiate process for Metta inking with Dream Jungle Studio and Aleks. 2) Scheduled my taxes and a trip up north plus, a visit to Kali Mandir temple! 3) Santi ~ Shanti… 4) Going to […]

Praktis ~ Receiving & Giving

February 7, 2009


THE JOY OF GIVING & RECEIVING may the joy of offering always prevail supported by the abundance of the Universe throughout all times, in the ten directions… may the joy of receiving always prevail supported by the truth of the universe throughout all times, in the ten directions… as simple as the in breath and […]

Prayer for Barack Obama

February 1, 2009


Now more than ever, let’s pray our way to world we wish to see! Collective energetic miracles!  Let’s bring down the awakened consciousness and ground it on Planet Earth for the benefit of all! Buddha as Sangha in the form of Collective Awakening!  Maitreya! My enlightenment, is connected to your enlightenment! Awaken Together! Transform in […]

POC Retreat @ Spirit Rock (in progress)

August 22, 2008


Re-entering Getting back into things… Sessions sesshins sitting and stilling I don’t have anything coherent to write “yet” about the experience but these memories…though going, being present, trying to be present, showing up, “vipassana” insight on my meditations or attempts at it, “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Bhante Gunaratana, and of course, my new all-time favorite, next to […]