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The Mother of Learning

January 23, 2010


Had a memory of watching Granito de Arena about the public teachers’ strikes and resistance to globalization in Mexico.  Remembering this one moment when a local technical university was being shut down/endangered and one of the students who attended this school spoke so clearly about how this place was like a Mother to the kids […]

Gratitude Praktis 2010

January 19, 2010


GRATITUDE PRAKTIS Intention:  to write about (at least once a week, or more hopefully)  10 things I am grateful for, messages, inspirations, reflections, insights—inner and outer gifts I have received from the Friendly Universe! Gratitude Praktis January 18, 2010 1)  Watching Avatar with dear friends today!  Protect and Honor the great Mother in all her […]

Fragments of a Letter to My Heart

January 17, 2010


namaste as  much as i like to rely on words to communicate sometimes they escape me… sometimes the Word these days cannot capture the detail, dip, curve and texture of my experience unfolding… Martin Luther King, Jr. Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols […]


May 30, 2009


Some quotes from the film, KUNDUN, the story of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, his birth, his early years, China’s invasion, and his escape to India. First, one understands that he causes much of his own suffering needlessly. Second, he looks for the reasons for this in his own life. To look is to […]

Praise Mother Sentient Beings!

May 10, 2009


I LOVE YOU NANAY! Happy Mother’s Day Our mother is the teacher who first teaches us love, the most important subject in life. Without my mother I could never have known how to love. Thanks to her I can love my neighbors. Thanks to her I can love all living beings. Through her I acquire […]

Dharma Yatra ~ Pilgrimage

April 13, 2009


“Dharma Yatra (Pilgrimage) is very important for Buddhists. When we visit these sacred sites, we are reminded of the Master, Lord Buddha. It develops in us a strong sense of compassion. Ideally, one should be a better person when one returns, otherwise it is not useful, a waste of money and time.” -His Holiness the […]

Praktis ~ Walking Meditation

February 23, 2009


World Beat Sangha Gathering today 🙂 and always a treat to hear how others praktis. Today, a sharing by Peter on walking meditation which helps to bring deeper connection and appreciation for walking on Mother Earth.  Next time you are out, walking and simply enjoying the act of walking…and we don’t even have to call […]