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Winter Soulstice Sangha Gathering 2009

December 20, 2009


Looking back to last year’s soul shamanic sangha notes… Tomorrow, we gather again, one year later, to honor 2009 Gateway experiences and to prepare for 2010’s energies and invitations. Image: – – – – – – – NOTES FROM LAST YEAR’S WINTER SOULSTICE GATHERING (2008) Winter Solstice Gathering Monday, December 22, 2008 2009 San […]

Don’t Just Do Something — Sit There!

October 2, 2009


Global Meditation Action in Support of Bhat Nha Monastics in Vietnam Sunday, October 4th, 2009 Wherever you are, gather with others to sit and meditate in the spirit of sending the energy of peace, stability and space to friends of Bhat Nha. Take a picture of your collective sitting action and send it to: […]


September 29, 2009


**** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  **** September 28, 2009 Jollene Levid, Gabnet Secretary-General Tel: 323-356-4748 URGENT ALERT: GABNET CALLS FOR PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE AID FOR THE PHILIPPINES IN THE AFTERMATH OF TYPHOON KETSANA The images are worst, though familiar: muddy water lapping at rooftops, streets vanished under rampaging currents; men and women carrying children wading in thigh-high […]

Refuge, Sangha…

September 16, 2009


Chilled last night with members of the Sweet Cherry Family from the Plum Village Sangha. Spent the late afternoon at Moonlight Beach after work and met up with the Sangha there and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a local Indian spot. WHAT A JOY it was to be able to listen to the Cherry […]

Tian Gong ~ SD Praktis Group

April 27, 2009


Link to to check out MARCH 2009 SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP AT WORLD BEAT CENTER If you have a chance to catch the Tian Gong teachers in your area, or a workshop sponsored that you can attend, I highly recommend it. I had a WOW experience at today’s Bronze Bell Qi Gong praktis session. WOW! […]

Praktis ~ Walking Meditation

February 23, 2009


World Beat Sangha Gathering today 🙂 and always a treat to hear how others praktis. Today, a sharing by Peter on walking meditation which helps to bring deeper connection and appreciation for walking on Mother Earth.  Next time you are out, walking and simply enjoying the act of walking…and we don’t even have to call […]

Breathing in, I distract myself…

February 10, 2009


Rainy day here… Getting some work done… Also, distractin’ myself, too. Some thoughts that are zooming by and catching me: 1) Initiate process for Metta inking with Dream Jungle Studio and Aleks. 2) Scheduled my taxes and a trip up north plus, a visit to Kali Mandir temple! 3) Santi ~ Shanti… 4) Going to […]

Praktis ~ Breathing, Being Present

February 9, 2009


Guided Meditation Offering to the World Beat Sangha tonight. I hope the sharing was all good and that it did not cause discomfort or confusion. I felt inspired to share a bit about my understandings of sitting praktis and the realizations, insights and “right view” that I’ve had the fortune to hear and learn and […]

Prayer for Barack Obama

February 1, 2009


Now more than ever, let’s pray our way to world we wish to see! Collective energetic miracles!  Let’s bring down the awakened consciousness and ground it on Planet Earth for the benefit of all! Buddha as Sangha in the form of Collective Awakening!  Maitreya! My enlightenment, is connected to your enlightenment! Awaken Together! Transform in […]

Beginning Anew – Self & Sangha

January 12, 2009


Attended World Beat Sangha this afternoon.   Always a treat to  reconnect with Breath, the buddha’s refuge within us.  Clear and insightful dharma sharing by Br. Jim about walking meditation and how all plants, all rocks, all forms outside are with an awareness, a consciousness and that we are entering-walking outside to this consciousness. Also, another […]