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Dove Messages

April 19, 2009


Visited Dove today at the Controversial Bookstore, North Park. Chatted a little bit…catching up on latest projects. – – – – – – – – – – – – THE FOUR GREAT TRUTHS DVD LAUNCH! A teaching by Michael Dove directed by Mark Newsome DVD Screening & Celebration MAY 3rd, 2009 3pm-6pm Controversial Bookstore *** […]

On Relationships

April 18, 2009


Every relationship creates LIFE… and this life begins to exist at the astral level… the relationship births and forms its own energetic being, reality… it has its own needs and desires its own recognition… Sometimes, a relationship creates an energetic body of an US through the alchemy of coming together.  The alchemy is activated in […]

GATEWAY: Vortex of Soul Self Determination

March 15, 2009


INSPIRATION FROM AUSPICIOUS PATH UPON SEEING A MEADOW ON FIYAHHH SOMEWHERE IN ILLINOIS. 🙂 Dharma Friends & Dear Kalyanamitras, What does the Gateway to your Transformation look like? What do you see when you open your Heart and enter into your Truth? What has the Friendly Universe of your inner and outer self been sending […]

Transformation…Here, Now

January 31, 2009


In conversation with Friends, KALYANAMITRAS …moving through the gateways and deep moments of transformation All of us on our soul path journeys hearing the call of the gateway which we are walking towards… Transformations Here Now This conditions arising to experience the healing we took birth for… the healing of embracing one’s spiritual identity the […]

Post Mitote Mindfulness Moment: Kalyanamitra Dharma Brother

October 18, 2008


Peace Brother and your return and re-entry into this part of the world.  One hundred and eight blessings and prayers to you for the Path that awaits you, the Path you walk in the time to come.  Thank you for being here with me and bringing your attention and energy to the House.  The House […]