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Arrived, arrived…

April 11, 2009


Home Home After a long day’s journey to return to the other-other side… I arrive safely home last night… From the mountains of San Cristobal, to Tuxtla Gtz. to Mexico City (and a chance to visit the Zocalo) and then to Tijuana and now, San Diego — WOW, WOW, WOW — I think I’m still […]

A Joy to Meet (San Cristobal)

April 9, 2009


Journeying up the mountain where my Ego has a chance to hear itself and my ideas of rights and wrongs show themselves more quickly… Journeying up the  mountain of my own nature seeing myself in relation to another …What is all this silence inside of me? …And what about all these moments of affinity and […]

Suroeste Mexico ~ Intentions

March 22, 2009


Santi, Rains have arrived this morning. A slow beginning today, drinking some warm tea, and setting intentions for the closing of the month of March and springtime emerge(n)see’s. My brother will be leaving on Wednesday to GET MARRIED in Hawaii! Wooohooooo! Congratulations Kuya! As a family and community, we will celebrate with him and my […]

And so it is…

March 14, 2009


SMILE 🙂 South+East Suroeste Mexico to San Cristobal de las Casas, next month Several attempts to book online and/or call folks on the customer service line but for some reason, those attempts, OR MY LACK OF PATIENCE, did not prove fruitful. Breathing Ganesha Did I pray to Ganesha beforehand?  I don’t even remember? Mindfulness, remembered […]

South+East Mexico

March 10, 2009


Been working on finding a ticket to travel down here to the “south+east” mexico to visit a friend… and the ticket findings been its own lil’ journey of sorts i was suppose to give the airline a call today by 6pm but somehow, with after school meetin’s and going to get groceries (which i usually […]

Praktis ~ “Teaching” English

February 10, 2009


Maybe this is part of my family of origin contemplation ~ meditation for this Full Moon in Leo?  🙂 (Do I consider myself an English teacher?  Or an English Language Arts teacher?  Or a critical literacy & writing teacher?  I have to say the latter…I feel like my identity of knowing English arises from that […]

Full Moon in Leo (4th House)

February 9, 2009


A gentle message today about Motherland Southeast Asia explorations, especially this summer? Finding a new home with my career choice? New Joy of Being?  Talks with Makeda?  Sitting with the energy of knowing my family of origin more — what is this spiritual communication?   Look deeply. My blood ancestors and my spiritual, energetic ancestors.  My […]