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Emerge(N)See ~ Commencement Begins Everyday!

April 25, 2009


“If you bring forth what is within you”, Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas, “what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is in you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” I first encountered this quote from Susan Moon and the Manzanita Village writer’s retreat […]

On Relationships

April 18, 2009


Every relationship creates LIFE… and this life begins to exist at the astral level… the relationship births and forms its own energetic being, reality… it has its own needs and desires its own recognition… Sometimes, a relationship creates an energetic body of an US through the alchemy of coming together.  The alchemy is activated in […]

Going, going…

March 15, 2009


Gate gate para gate parasam gate bodhi svaha! To the other shore Going, going, gone! There was a time when the feeling was… “We are at the point of no return.” A feeling that there is no more going back, back to the old habits and old ways of thinking and Being. There was a […]

Visshuddha Chakra ~ A Praktis

March 14, 2009


On Opening, Liberating and Nurturing Visshuddha Chakra “…as loud as you can, as free as you can, opening as much your throat and all the path of the air through the strength of your diaphragm, from your lungs through your throat, through your mouth and your lips- all wide open, like a gateway for you […]

South+East Mexico

March 10, 2009


Been working on finding a ticket to travel down here to the “south+east” mexico to visit a friend… and the ticket findings been its own lil’ journey of sorts i was suppose to give the airline a call today by 6pm but somehow, with after school meetin’s and going to get groceries (which i usually […]

Fifth Chakra Healing

March 9, 2009


Revisiting last week’s class on THE FOUR GREAT TRUTHS and the truth that was revealed about me and my fifth chakra healing. So, am wandering around the web to look for more good things to read and clarify, inform and inspire my understanding of the fifth chakra. And a couple of nights ago, I had […]