{ about } praktis isanghamahal

praktis iSANGHAmahal : : : oneness~community~love : : : praktis as in practice, as in making this lifetime one which reflects wholesome, beneficial, loving thoughts, feelings and actions. praktising and making “art” out of life (“the art of mindful living” thich nhat hanh). iSANGHAmahal as in isangmahal as sangha. isangmahal means “one love” in tagalog. sangha means loosely, “community” in sanskrit, the community of praktisyoners who aspire to live based on the dharma. praktis iSANGHAmahal : : : this is the time when we remember our ancestors and find our way back home. this is the time when we remember all relationships and friendships and communities and further commit to our awakening and (((e)))volution. this is the time we remember the Way of Culture as a path to preserve and sustain life. we B the ones we’ve been waiting for. praktis iSANGHAmahal is an in-breath and an out-breath and the consciousness in between. it is an inner and outer conversation about the journey from fragmentation, loss, confusion, fear, closedness and mindlessness, to leanin’ into the direction of inner freedom and joy, healing and wholeness, compassion, and returning Home, claiming our Buddhanature, walking on One’s Path, creating the conditions to manifest the Pureland of the Buddha ~ Heaven on Earth during the Golden Age of Truth! Ancestors, Maitreya, Satya Yuga, Collective Awakening, 2012, Gods, Goddesses, Saints and Sages, Lovers, Gardeners, Dreamers, HeARTists, Devotees, Believers, Indiogenius, (R)evolutionists, here we come! Namaste ~ In La Kech ~ Isangmahal ~ El Otro Soy Yo. ~ Mitakuye Oyasin. We are the ONES we have been waiting for.  Breathing in, and breathing out.

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