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On Equanimity: A Natural State of Mind

November 23, 2009


On Equanimity:  A Natural State of Mind by H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche Selected Quotes from Dharma Talk Ego manifests either as happy or sad, it is the same emotion playing games on you. Divine anger like Yamantaka… Divine anger does not arise from delusional states… Our mind can be deceptive.  Anger can be positive.  Tears […]


September 27, 2009


Trusting in the truth arising… Faith – trusting my own deep experience… Depth of experience, intuition, inner truth, inner guru within… – – – – – – – – To support and offer confidence to others on their Path …this is the greatest happiness! To generate confidence in fulfilling one’s own Path …this is the […]


August 27, 2009


BATHALA CAVES (Philippines) Image source: – – – – – – – – – – – Uhhhhhhh OoOOohhhh, here goes my mind again? Some of that “get lost online” energy looking for keywords based on my neurotic musings and how ‘I’ think I am hearing what is happening inside! In short, CRAZZZY! Today, crazzzziness […]

On Mind + Karma

May 17, 2009


From a conversation with a friend Karma is infallible. From A pure consciousness is not in the child, the child is fragile or even dangerous in actions, a pure consciousness is in the individual who thinks and weighs the consequences of the action so the child may follow. From “The Four Thoughts That Turn […]