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On Kalyanamitras

December 23, 2009


A shake-down out of my slumber — thank you. – – – – – For instance, we could say that illness is kalyanamitra. The death of a sibling can be kalyanamitra. The birth of our child can be kalyanamitra. Falling in love can be kalyanamitra. In short, anything which shakes us out of our ongoing […]

The Highest Blessing…

September 23, 2009


To support mothers, fathers, and elders, to cherish partners and children, to work peacefully and with integrity for the highest good of all, this is the greatest blessing and the highest protection… To transform, this is the ultimate offering… (from auspiciouspath)

Wat Thaton International Meditation Centre

September 22, 2009


Will you be travelling through Thailand, Summer 2010? Visit Wat Thaton and the International Meditation Centre where you can practice Vipassana meditation for 7-10 days under the direction of Phra Ratha Panyavudho! The Wat Thaton International Meditation Centre opens up during the Rainy Season period in Thailand. This coincides with the “Buddhist Lent” season (I […]

Rejoice, Sacred Fire!

April 18, 2009


Upon greating the great news! Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! A dear friend receives a call from the chair of the department she has interviewed with… and and and anticipation! Is this the communication she has been waiting for? I HOPE SO! – – – – – – – – – Who do we become when we […]

Arrived, arrived…

April 11, 2009


Home Home After a long day’s journey to return to the other-other side… I arrive safely home last night… From the mountains of San Cristobal, to Tuxtla Gtz. to Mexico City (and a chance to visit the Zocalo) and then to Tijuana and now, San Diego — WOW, WOW, WOW — I think I’m still […]

A Joy to Meet (San Cristobal)

April 9, 2009


Journeying up the mountain where my Ego has a chance to hear itself and my ideas of rights and wrongs show themselves more quickly… Journeying up the  mountain of my own nature seeing myself in relation to another …What is all this silence inside of me? …And what about all these moments of affinity and […]

GATEWAY: Vortex of Soul Self Determination

March 15, 2009


INSPIRATION FROM AUSPICIOUS PATH UPON SEEING A MEADOW ON FIYAHHH SOMEWHERE IN ILLINOIS. 🙂 Dharma Friends & Dear Kalyanamitras, What does the Gateway to your Transformation look like? What do you see when you open your Heart and enter into your Truth? What has the Friendly Universe of your inner and outer self been sending […]

Visshuddha Chakra ~ A Praktis

March 14, 2009


On Opening, Liberating and Nurturing Visshuddha Chakra “…as loud as you can, as free as you can, opening as much your throat and all the path of the air through the strength of your diaphragm, from your lungs through your throat, through your mouth and your lips- all wide open, like a gateway for you […]

South+East Mexico

March 10, 2009


Been working on finding a ticket to travel down here to the “south+east” mexico to visit a friend… and the ticket findings been its own lil’ journey of sorts i was suppose to give the airline a call today by 6pm but somehow, with after school meetin’s and going to get groceries (which i usually […]

Praktis ~ Rejoicing

February 8, 2009


Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Rejoice in the paths that have made themselves known to us.  The path which has called us to cross over to the other shore.   Receiving praktis…receiving the path that has risen up to meet us.  I like this song here, from the Plum Village tradition — especially the first two lines.  “Whatever illumines […]