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January 3, 2010


Welcome all Hummingbirds and Winged Friends to the House! Mitakuye Oyasin

Closing of the 11 Gateway Year

October 4, 2009


To guide… To be… To vow… To be in community and respect the community always… To remember love always, in all ways… – – – – – – Met with Soul Shamanic Sangha friends today to check in before the last three months of 11 Gateway Year arrives. We “made” it this far. This is […]

Remembering: Joyful Completions

May 16, 2009


Joyful completions …another year around the Sun …the school year is ending …the gateway has emerged …upon entering, something will begin and something will end the continuation of all that is even in the passing, we interbe …welcoming the new that is emergin’ for me to see emerge~n~(((B))) …with this in breath and out breath […]

I Heart Astrologie

February 1, 2009


What does February’s stars have in store for you? Check out Susan Miller’s site and see how these energies from above manifest in our day to day lives here, down below. With skillful compassionate communication, Susan’s forecasts have been a gentle guide for me in seeing what else abounds and surrounds our daily realities. […]

On Beginning Anew…whenever we like!

January 24, 2009


LUNAR NEW YEAR WEEKEND! HAPPY YEAR OF THE OX! Yes, we can weekend! Say YES to this moment and the next Say YES, watering the good seeds within us Say YES to transformation and awakening here and now In this very place, in this very breath… HERE NOW YES . . . for what it’s […]

Beginning Anew – Self & Sangha

January 12, 2009


Attended World Beat Sangha this afternoon.   Always a treat to  reconnect with Breath, the buddha’s refuge within us.  Clear and insightful dharma sharing by Br. Jim about walking meditation and how all plants, all rocks, all forms outside are with an awareness, a consciousness and that we are entering-walking outside to this consciousness. Also, another […]

Beginning Anew – by Sister Annabel Laity

January 5, 2009


Beginning Anew – Sister Annabel Laity From Dharmaweb In our tradition we say that the sound of the bell is the voice of the buddha. The buddha just doesn’t mean anything particularly historical – it doesn’t mean Shakyamuni Buddha. The buddha just means “the awakened one”. Shakyamuni Buddha told us that there had been […]