Astrologie 2/09

Posted on February 22, 2009



Question: Did I really have a dream this week with Thay?  Was it real?  I’ve never dreamt about Thay?  I think I was asking him to read the Mindfulness Trainings, but he remained silent.  Hmmm????  What’s the message?   Auspicious…sit and breathe with it!?

– – –

Taurus, I urge you to pursue any hunches you might have about forging alliances that could further your dreams.


– – –

Taurus – Your capacity for hard work is unmatched when you’re motivated, and you’re exceptionally motivated to realize a career goal these days. But you can also be attached to doing things the hard way. You know when you do it yourself it gets done right, and you can get addicted to the energy of “me against the world,” powering through obstacles in a straight line toward your objective. I don’t want to discourage you from going for it this week, because with a powerful Mars-Jupiter conjunction at the top of your chart, you do have a lot of power at your back where career and reputation are concerned. But your ruling planet Venus is currently in your 12th House of the unconscious mind, and there’s a lot of energy flowing to her. This indicates that your most productive ideas will come when you give yourself a little time away from the grind. Mark out time to drift and dream this week. Get outside and get your hands in the soil or spend time with your candles lit, your curtains drawn and your favorite music playing on the stereo.


– – –

Consider the following energies.  Did I experience these?   How?  Afterthoughts?

The month is coming to a close already, again.  Gateway year continuing.  Gateway continuing to open wider and wider.  One step closer, one step closer to Entering the Path Fully.

Invitation from Deer Park Sangha to participate and offer assistance for upcoming Fall Tour with Thay.  Sangha gatherings to continue building relationships.  Is the gateway of Deer Park, always open as it has been, resonating with my attention in this way?  The Five Wonderful Mindfulness Trainings?  Refreshing my commitments?  Offering dharma praktis through service and assistance, creating the conditions for others to encounter and experience the dharma?  Is this a gateway for me in 2009?  I’ve been so focused on Motherland South+East Asia that perhaps, I’ve not been paying attention to the dharma, sangha and buddhas that are already here.


What am I feeling?  Where am I at?  What’s the communication?

Catching up with myself, I breathe in…

Connecting to the communication within, I breathe out…



.   .    .

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